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There’s always some cool chiminea gift ideas to be discovered online with a bit of digging.

If you use the search term ‘chiminea accessories’ there are some interesting results but to be honest, google tends to serve skip out some great options and perhaps not necessarily the best gift ideas.

I’ve put together 7 chiminea gift ideas that should get those gift inspiration juices flowing – make sure to check out number 5 – my favourite chiminea gift.

1. Give a Chiminea as a Gift

The person you are shopping for may love their garden likes firing up a BBQ and socialising outdoors or they may be someone who loves interesting gifts!

I’ve published an extensive view of the buying options available for chims in the UK and it’s perfect to help you land that chiminea to gift to a loved one.

Make sure to plan ahead as sometimes it can be tricky to get what you want in stock.

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2. Chiminea Fire Tools

There’s nothing worse than trying to use a dinner fork to turn meat on a grill with flames all around…goodbye arm hair!

These tools are of course, not specific to chimineas so search for BBQ tools etc. A good set of long-handled tongs are a great place to start. They can double as a simple fire poker when needed and even pick up logs.

Also essential for when you venture into the wonderful world of cooking on your chiminea.

I picked up a great set of BBQ tools on ebay – 28 pieces in one it has everything from tongs to a wire brush to clean your grill with. Impressed with the quality, especially for just £20:

3. Chiminea Grill

chiminea long handled grill

Most chimineas don’t come with those wonderful grills that swing in and out or the fire bowl, so this is a great chiminea gift for someone you think would enjoy cooking on their chim.

Have a search around for ‘removable BBQ grill’ and you’ll find something like these:

These are in stock at the time of writing on the Gardeco website for £29.99. You might be able to find them cheaper elsewhere with some searching but these ones are designed especially for chimineas. Just be sure to check the measurements of its width to make sure it’ll fit in your giftees chiminea.?

4. Cooking Pot for CHIMINEAs

chiminea cooking pot
small cast iron pot from Gardeco

One of the most charming things about chimineas is that there are loads of different ways you can cook on them.

With a chiminea cooking pot that’s designed to sit on top of the chiminea’s chimney, they offer an easy start to cooking on a chiminea.

There are a few options that I’ve found available at the time of writing. The first is this cast iron pot from Gardeco.

In these you can make delicious, soups, stews and even slow cook. They have them in a couple of sizes, so just make sure to check that before you buy.

5. Chiminea Food Smoker (My Favourite Chiminea Gift)

chiminea smoker grill open
Food smoker from Gardeco
chiminea smoker grill
Food smoker from Gardeco

These are terrific – I have one myself, and they are great fun to use and allow you to grill/ smoke food on top of your chiminea – a perfect gift for the chiminea lover in your life!

The food smoker is perfectly designed to sit on top of a chiminea and you can use it to grill with the lid off or smoke food with the lid on.

From simple burgers to smoked haddock, this does it all. Great price at Wayfair of £17.99 and they are still in stock currently.

6. Cheap Chiminea Gifts

For this idea, I’ve just put together a bunch of useful things that are fab cheap chiminea gifts that don’t break the bank:

  • Digital meat thermometer – for anyone who likes to cook on their chim, having a digital meat thermometer can help make sure that no one leaves the party with food poisoning.
  • Long windproof lighter everyone loves a gadget and any chiminea lover would love this lighter. Longer reach to get into the chim bowl with a windproof flame that will supercharge your new fire AND it’s refillable.
  • Set of telescopic marshmallow forks – really fun gift for any member of the family as you can use this set to roast marshmallows on your chiminea with all the family.
  • BBQ apron – really fun idea for a chiminea gift, particularly if your loved one enjoys cooking on their chiminea. This one doubles as a knife rollup so lots of pockets to get the job done. This one’s on Amazon.
  • Heatproof gloves – perfect gift idea for the chiminea owner who could do with that extra bit of protection around the fire. Always a good idea to have some heatproof gloves around when you have a fire going. If things go wrong they can help you deal with things confidently.

7. For the Fire Witch/ Wizard

Some people just looove a great fire, but with chimineas, we do have to tread sensibly when it comes to the size of the fire.

Chimineas are designed to have small, efficient fires, and no, that means that flames should NOT be licking out the top of the chimney!

If your loved one is renowned for over-doing it when it comes to fire building, this is a fun gift idea with serious practical uses in an emergency.

I introduce the chiminea fire blanket. Of course, can be used on any fire, but smothering an out-of-control fire is the best way to go when it comes to fire safety. Another option is to keep a bucket of sand or soil handy…but let’s be honest, this is a pain and heavy to lug about.

In Summary

Hopefully, you’ve now got a few more chiminea gift ideas that will enhance your rep as a thoughtful gift giver and give your chiminea-loving friend something that helps them get the most out of their chiminea time.

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