Chiminea Near Me – How to Find a Chiminea Locally

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You’ve decided you want to buy a chiminea but you can’t wait, don’t want to have it delivered – you WANT IT NOW! Chiminea near me is a search term that can be tricky to research fully as google will give you lots of online retailers results and not necessarily local shops.


Let’s look at what’s likely available locally.

Chimineas stock can fluctuate dramatically throughout the year and this is true for both local and online suppliers. If you are looking for a steel chiminea this is not as much of an issue as they are usually much more plentiful because steel chimineas:

  • Are flatpack
  • Are much lighter then cast iron or clay
  • Are much less likely to break in transit
  • Are cheap to source

Due to their popularity, you’ll be really lucky to find a second-hand chiminea locally but it’s always worth a look as they can be amazing value for money and you may be in luck and find a real gem.

For local, second-hand chimineas check these sites:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Ebay
  • Gumtree
facebook marketplace chiminea near me
ebay chiminea near me
gumtree chiminea near me
chiminea near me for sale Milton Keanes

It will be a case of pot luck and you may find someone locally who is looking to offload their chiminea. For example, today this one’s available in Milton Keynes for just £30!

A bit of TLC and this could be amazing. Anyway, you get the point, second-hand chimineas are particularly difficult to come by, but if you are short of cash it’s always worth checking out those 3 websites to see if there’s anything going on near you.

*We scoured over 15 local classified websites and Facebook Marketplace, Ebay and Gumtree are the only ones that listed ANY chimineas. Please let us know if you find a local classified site that has chiminea listings.

Chiminea Near Me

If you have a car or truck at your disposal then you have the option of picking up a new chiminea somewhere locally. What’s available to you locally will of course completely depend on where you live.

Buying local is the perfect option in this economy. and by doing so you help the environment by reducing on shipping resources and also potentially help a local business.

Put this search into Google – ‘chiminea near me’ and see what comes up.

I live in Edinburgh, UK and so when I searched for chiminea near me I got some interesting results.

Chiminea Near Me – Argos

First up on my search list was Argos of which there are several local branches to me, however, when looking on their website they have a nice selection available at reasonable prices. You might ant to check these against their prices on Amazon as they can often be cheaper.

argos chimineas

Chiminea Near Me – Homebase

Homebase have refined their selection in the last year or so to only include steel chimineas – most likely for all the reasons we outlined above. Customer complaints are a liability when it comes to clay chimineas as so many people jump into using them without following the instructions and they crack.

homebase chimineas

Chiminea Near Me – The Range

The Range has the usual suspects steel chimineas to buy online but they also have some lovely clay chimineas that they stock in stores. They are reasonably priced but will depend on your local store stocking them.

The best idea would be to call your local store and talk to them about when they are getting stock in so you can grab one of these.

I do like the look of the Azteca XL from Gardeco – I’ve seen this one on Amazon for £400+! Lots of brownie points to The Range for at least having some clay chimineas available.

therange chimineas

Chiminea Near Me – B&Q

B&Q usually have a handful of chimineas for sale but it will depend on which store is near you. You can check the stock using their website. The reviews for the clay chimineas are terrible but don’t let that put you off if your heart is set on one.

Just make sure to light lots of small fires to properly season your chiminea and take it inside over the winter.

bq chiminea

Chiminea Near Me – Dobbies

At the time of writing Dobbies just has one little steel chiminea in stock but it is a great price! Also, their ‘check stock in local area’ function is really useful and informative as it gives you detailed info in all the stores near you and the stock level.

It might be worth calling your local store to enquire about chimineas to see if they have anything else in store that’s not on the website.

dobbies chiminea

Chiminea Near Me – Local Garden Centres

The next thing you should search is for ‘garden center near me’. This way you’re more likely to pull up the smaller retailers that are in your area that are likely to stock chimineas.

chiminea near me garden centre

From here look at places nearest you and get their number and give them a call to see if they have any chimineas in stock. If not, ask them if they know of any retailers locally currently stocking them.

When searching locally there may be small business selling chimineas that are not coming up directly in google. Make sure to search Facebook Marketplace for local listings such as this one:

chiminea near me facebook marketplace

Where to Buy a Chiminea Now?

The end of winter is perhaps the best time to search for a chiminea as the stock has been replenished and most people may not have thought ahead to the warmer months.

Check our page of Chiminea Suppliers that we try and update regularly which has all the online shops that have the best chiminea stock available.

TIP – Watch out for resellers on Ebay trying to take advantage of their scarcity on the platform. We found this seller on Ebay selling the exact same chiminea that is currently available from B&Q…. but for over £200 more!

chiminea near me ebay

Etsy has some well-priced Chiminea options right now – like this contemporary steel one:

etsy chimineas

Probably the best selection we found available right now is from Wayfair. They have lots of variety with everything from cast iron to contemporary steel and even one of our faves – the combo BBQ Grill from Tia:

wayfair chimineas

Find a Chiminea Locally

There are a few options available if you’ve decided to explore your local buying options for a chiminea.

  • Check second-hand listings on Facebook Marketplace, Ebay and Gumtree
  • Search ‘chiminea near me’ in google and check what shops are available locally
  • Search ‘garden centre near me’ for local garden centres that may stock chimineas
  • If buying online now in Winter, you find a local search difficult – have a look at Amazon, Etsy, B&Q and Wayfair for online shops that have chiminea stock and can deliver.

Let us know how your chiminea shopping went and share this article if you found it useful??

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