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Fire Pits Vs Firebowls Vs Fire Tables – Are they the Same?

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The differences between a fire pit, fire bowl, and fire table are important because they can affect the look of your outdoor space as well as the safety of your guests.

If you’re considering purchasing one of these items for your patio or other outdoor living areas, it’s important to know what they are, their intended use, and how they differ from each other so you can choose the best option for your needs.

What is a Fire Pit?

A fire pit can describe a hole in the ground to put a fire or a structure that performs the same function.

A fire pit can be nothing more than a hole in the ground filled with rocks and wood. The term “fire pit” basically implies that there won’t be any seating around it, although some people choose to sit on stools or benches near their pits.

Fire pits that you can buy are available in different sizes and shapes depending on how large you want the fire to be. They can be round or square shaped, large enough for several people to gather around comfortably, or small enough for just a few people to gather.

A fire pit is a container that holds burning material. The burning material can be wood, charcoal, or gas. They can be portable or permanent.

The fire pit is what people use for cooking food and making s’mores around the fire.

tasoting marshmallows round the firepit low lighting
fire pit

They can have features like sitting areas surrounding them or even built-in seating available for you to enjoy your time in your backyard with family and friends.

What is a Fire Bowl?

The term ‘fire bowl’ can mean a few different things.

We talk about the fire bowl as the part of the chiminea where the fire sits.

In traditionally shaped chimineas, they are spherical in shape and have a mouth where the fire is visible, and you can feed the fire.

On top of the fire bowl is the chimney stack where the smoke escapes to.

Check out my chiminea wiki for more info.

fire bowl
fire bowl of a chiminea

The other definition of a fire bowl is one that’s interchangeable with a fire pit. However, a fire bowl is bowl-shaped and round. A fire pit can be any shape.

Now there are simple fire bowls that you use just like a chiminea or firepit and burn wood or charcoal. There is smoke, and you get a ‘proper’ fire.

There are also now gas and biofuel fire bowls that have joined the party, and although the heat output of the various types can differ drastically, the idea is the same.

Fire bowls can also be purely decorative – smaller in size and strategically placed in larger gardens for dramatic effect.

fire bowl
fire bowl

All of these descriptions can be attributed to the one term – fire bowl.

What is a Fire Table?

A fire table is a fire pit sitting in a table.

Fire tables are a great option for those who want a large fire pit to entertain friends and family in the backyard.

The table design of these fireplaces is perfect for placing drinks, food and other items on top of it while still enjoying the flames below.

Fire tables come in a variety of forms but are probably most popular in the UK fuelled with propane gas.

fire table

Fire tables are great for people with decks, patios or porches that don’t have space for a permanent fire pit. They’re also ideal for people who don’t want to have to dig holes in their yard or have any maintenance issues with the appliance.

Which is Best for You?

Deciding between these outdoor fire appliances can be tricky, particularly when the terms used are interchangeable. Now you have an understanding of what the terms usually mean, you can check your budget and get something that will work for your outdoor space.

Hopefully, you’ve learned something new about fire pits, fire bowls, and fire tables. You should now have a better idea of what each is, what to look for when you’re shopping for one, and why this product has become so popular.

If you’re still unsure which one is best for your needs, I hope we’ve pointed you in the right direction.

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