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Hottest Chimineas – Best Chimineas For Heat

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For many of you searching for your perfect chiminea, you want something that gives out some heat! For the hottest chimineas look for:

  • Chimineas made of metal
  • Chimineas as tall and wide as possible
  • A traditional chiminea shape

1. Castmaster stoves® – Pasadena Cast Iron Chiminea pot belly wood stove Patio heater

One of the most popular ‘finishing touches’ products for your patio or decking is our potbelly stove-style chiminea by Castmaster. Chimineas have become a popular form of heating recently with some like this one being a fully functional barbecue.

Made from durable cast iron and coated in a Black heat resistant coating topped with a matching steel flue featuring an attractive permanent rain cowl with built-in spark arrestor, for additional safety topping it at 1.8m high. The potbelly-shaped burner also packs an impressive heating punch.

The Chimnea cleverly brings together rustic good looks with contemporary functionality to create a convenient heating source and barbecue. Burns Coal Charcoal Wood, Briquettes, etc. Comes complete with an adjustable height removable BBQ grill and handles 28cms wide x 42cms deep. Assembly required. Weight 38kgs

2. La Hacienda Monterrey Chimenea Log Burner Chiminea

This large steel & cast Chimenea will add warmth, ambiance and will undoubtedly become a great feature in any garden.

Its generous proportions – tall enough to stand around or to be placed at the end of a bench or table – have been specifically engineered for larger patios, whilst the cast iron legs ensure long-term durability. The body is fabricated with painted steel for lightness and includes a steel log grate and mesh door, safety tool, and rain lid.

Make your garden a cosy and inviting place to relax in the cooler evenings with this premium Monterrey Chiminea from La Hacienda. Featuring a tall body for its lightness, cast iron legs for stability, and a generously proportioned design, this one is built to last.

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3. Bentley 124cm Extra-Large Open Bowl Mesh Cast Iron and Steel Chiminea

This extra-large chimenea is suitable for burning wood or solid fuel. It can be used as a heater for the cool evenings or as a cooker with its detachable grill; either way, it will look great in your garden and you will surely enjoy its warmth with your family or friends.

It’s nice and tall at 124cm (48.8 inches) made with cast iron fire bowl and legs and steel flue this handsome chiminea is a hot one for sure!

A grill and poker are included, so you can start enjoying its warmth straight away! Simple self-assembly is required.


4. Tall Modern Cast Iron La Hacienda Cuba Chiminea

With its traditional chiminea shape, the La Hacienda Cuba Steel Chimenea will be a stylish addition to any garden.

The wood burner is made of durable steel and cast iron, which can give off some serious heat – great for when you want to keep warm on cooler evenings.

The front ventilation and mesh door design helps to reduce the number of sparks that escape, to keep the fire under control.

Although not the tallest at 50cm width fire bowl this one makes a good size fire.

5. La Hacienda 136cm XL Murcia Steel Chiminea with Grill

The La Hacienda XL Murcia Steel Chimenea with Grill makes the ideal addition to any garden, patio or balcony.

This extra-large steel chimenea has a removable cordierite BBQ grill and also features a rain lid and a poker, allowing you to use it as a heat source and barbeque during the summer months.

Finished in black heat-resistant paint, this steel chimenea is 136cm high x 48cm wide. Much lighter than some of the others on this list as it has no cast iron, making it easier to move but may need to be sheltered indoors for winter as the high winds may blow it over easily.

How to Choose a Chiminea For Heat

Choosing a chiminea with maximum heat output can be difficult as they are not designed to have a roaring fire like a fireplace. However, there are some steps you can take to ensure that you get the most heat from your chiminea:

  • Choose a chiminea made of metal rather than clay. Metal conducts heat better, allowing the chiminea to burn hotter and radiate more heat. Metal chimineas are also less likely to crack when exposed to high heat.
  • Choose a large chiminea. The larger the chiminea, the more available surface area there is to heat up and radiate heat.
  • Choose a chiminea in a traditional shape. These were designed to have a large fire bowl that contains the fire but the bulbous shape also acts as an efficient enclosure where the heat rises and heats up the whole of the fire bowl.


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