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Most Stylish Chimineas Autumn 2022

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Another season is upon us and it’s time to look at what stunning and unique chiminea designs are available this Autumn. The general stock level of chimineas is really good at the moment which is surprising given the supply issues of other goods in the UK currently.

However, getting hold of a trendy new chiminea could be just the treat to lift your spirits this Autumn.

The first is one I found on Etsy that really caught my eye:

Fornax Rust Fireplace

This lovely steel chiminea currently available on Etsy is current in both it’s corten steel finish but also the curves on this are just VERY 2022!

It’s a really clean blend of the traditional, classic chiminea shape and a simple take that brings it bang up to date.

It’s a nice width at the base of the fire bowl of 52cm and has a solid height of 132cm. I’d put this sizing-wise at a large chiminea. However, the footprint on your patio space won’t be too imposing.

There’s a steel fire grill inside to hold the fire up, which really helps with how this terrific chim burns. It also raises the fire up so that although the triangular-shaped mouth, you can see every bit of your beautiful fire.

etsy contemporary chiminea September 2022

This is the most striking chiminea I’ve come across for this season! Shout out to MyItalianLiving on Etsy – I’m available for testing and promoting if you want to send me one!

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UK-Gardens Extra Large Mexican Clay Chimenea Firepit Range in Dark Grey

This is my favourite clay chiminea for the autumn. Yes, it’s quite pricey on Amazon but if you search around, you should be able to find this for under £300, which is a great deal.

It’s a chunky size for a clay chim but for me the talking point is the terrific Celtic design that runs throughout.

Keeping the traditional shape and on a metal stand, this chim stands at 125cm high and a substantial width of 50cm.

Got my eye on this one for a future purchase!

2 in 1 Hybrid Stainless Chiminea/Firepit

For a statement piece, you can’t get much more unique than this stunning custom-made chiminea from CCreationsUKShop on Etsy.

Available in 3 different sizes:

  • Small- 110cm x 55cm
  • Medium- 130cm x 65cm
  • Large- 140cm x 75cm

The large is a MASSIVE example of a chiminea and definitely a great choice for a larger garden. The industrial modern vibe of this chiminea set against a natural background would look terrific!

If I’m honest, I might look to adjusting the fire bowl opening so that it looks less like ski goggles but everything else I love!

etsy chiminea hexagon

Also, notice the 3 legs that ensure it’s super stable. This one is made of steel so although it’s bigger, you shouldn’t have a problem adjusting the location on your own.

Thoughts for Autumn

There is no better time than the start of autumn to get a new chiminea and make the most of your garden space before the weather closes in for the winter. These chimineas are my top picks for September 2022 – what are yours?

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You may also be thinking about using your chiminea indoors for some extra heat this Autumn. The energy prices are completely ridiculous, and many people are discussing alternate ways to heat their homes.

However, I must stress that burning wood or coal in a chiminea indoors should never be attempted. There are, however, some safe alternatives to explore.

If you’re a first-time chiminea buyer, check out my chiminea cheat sheet that will quickly take you through the essentials of buying your first chiminea.

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