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Cheap Chimineas – 6 Bargain Chimineas to Choose From

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Cheap chimineas are the perfect entry point for a complete beginner or even to give a chiminea as a gift. Sometimes you just want a cheap option to give it a whirl without breaking the bank, I get it.

Let’s face it, if you’re unsure about chimineas and have never used one before, the idea of splashing out two or three hundred pounds is out of the question. That’s where cheap chimineas come in because they let you get your hands dirty without any serious buyers regret that it pished it down all summer long.

5 Best Cheap Chimineas

Let’s move swiftly on to some actual cheap chimineas that are available at the time of writing.

Cheapest Clay Chimineas

Enjoy the outdoors even when it’s a little cooler with this Charles Bentley Outdoor Medium Natural Clay Chiminea Patio Heater.

This chimenea has a natural finish and features an attractive sun design, providing a great source of outdoor heat when you need it most.

It’s also supplied with a stand and a useful lid, making it perfect for use in your garden or patio.

cheap clay chiminea

This is a surprisingly substantial chiminea for the price. I included this other photo of the actual product because I don’t think the main pick does it justice. It’s a medium-sized chiminea

If you do get one just be sure to follow the steps for seasoning it TO THE LETTER. It’s really likely to crack if you don’t I had a good read through all 92 reviews and it’s common with the exception of those who took the time to cure it properly and then to be sensible with the fire size.

This is not destined for a beast-of-a-fire – it will crack.

Cheapest Steel Chiminea

This one was my first chiminea and it’s from B&Q. It’s the La Hacienda Panama Cast iron & steel chiminea.

You can usually find this one in stock but if not, it’s usually available on Amazon Prime for about £10 more.

It’s made completely of steel except for the cast iron legs which give it nice stability.

It comes with a removable front grate and a fire tool that hooks onto its side.

It also comes with a lid. Perfect for a first chiminea as it’s light and easy to move and small enough for urban gardens. It may be small, but still comfortably heats a small group of people.

Cheap Cast Iron Chiminea

Introducing the Cast Iron Chiminea from MonsterShop – perfect for keeping your patio warm all winter long!

This beautiful chiminea has an adjustable air vent and removable lid, making it frost-proof and ideal for use all year round. The included free rain cover will protect against the elements, while the closable door with spark protection ensures extra safety.

There’s a FREE poker and BBQ rack to help you cook up a storm outdoors! Order your chiminea today and enjoy next working day UK mainland delivery when ordered by 2pm.

Cheap Contemporary Chiminea

For those who fancy something a bit more contemporary, this is the La Hacienda Contemporary Steel Chiminea.

Argos often have cheap, steel chimineas for grabs, so always good to keep an eye out if you’re looking to snap one up.

This one from La Hacienda (a well-known brand of chimineas) is a simple contemporary design, steel chiminea and it only weighs 6KG. Love the look of this one as it maintains a rough idea of the original chiminea shape but with a modern take. Very 2022.

Currently, in stock in some places for £90 but for just a few pounds more, it’s on Amazon prime with free delivery in a day or two. Hoping to get my hands on one of these soon for testing!

They also have this really cool new version of this modern chiminea in a mesh body! Such a bojo look with this one. Fire can be enjoyed by everyone gathering around.

Even better, it’s slightly cheaper than the original version. Currently sitting around £86 on Amazon.

Cheap 360 Mesh Chiminea

You’ll often see this type of chiminea pop up when searching for ‘cheap chimineas’ as they are widely available and easily imported from China.

It’s called – Fire Vida Steel Chiminea and it’s available on Prime – comes with free delivery and arrives in a day or two.

These 360 Mesh Chims are perfect for the person who can’t decide between a chiminea and a firepit. They are great to seat people all the way around, a bit more prone to smokiness but better once the fire gets going.

Cheap Used Chimineas

Going for a second-hand chiminea can be a great way to get your hands on an older chiminea that needs some TLC. A wire brush, some heat-resistant spray paint, and a bucket full of elbow grease could land you a real beauty.

There’s a great Facebook group that regularly showcases examples of restored chimineas.

Also, try local online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Gumtree and set up notification alerts so you know instantly when something new is listed. Happy hunting!

Buying Cheap Chimineas Tips

Start by having a look at the selection I’ve made for you and also look at what else they have in stock as often, if a shop has one example of a bargain chiminea, they usually have at least a few.

Do your research thoroughly. You can often find something in stock but the prices can be inflated. Also, with eBay always check customer feedback before buying.

Check my other article to help you find more places to buy chimineas that are in stock. There are often stock shortages but hopefully, with all these ideas you’ll be able to find something that suits you and your family. Sign up to be notified – Primrose and Garden 4 Less are good examples of this.

The cheapest chimineas are usually either small clay chimineas or small steel chimineas as these are the cheapest materials. Go on, give it a go, and let me know how you get on.

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