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Where to Find Chimineas in Stock

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Where can I find chimineas in stock? I know how frustrating it can be when you can’t find any chimineas in stock.

I’ve put together a list of some of the best stockists that I’ve come across and several of which I’ve made purchases from. Notably, bought my first chiminea at B&Q and also bought some excellent chimineas accessories from Gardeco and Wayfair.

I’ve showcased some of the more obscure places that have plenty of chimineas but may not always come near the top in google, hopefully giving you more options to choose from as you chase down that precious chiminea stock!

Where to Buy Chimineas

Here’s a handy list of places I’ve found that are worth taking a look at if you are having difficulty finding a shop with chimineas in stock:

Online Chiminea ShopDetails
garden4less chimineasHuge selection of chimineas, with clay, cast iron and steel chimineas for all budgets.
cast iron chimineas UKBeautiful selection of cast iron chimineas. Perfect for someone who wants to invest in a cast iron chiminea. Many options of solid long-lasting chimineas and reasonably priced. Lots of stock for 2022. Delivery is fast (1-2 days) and free,
primrose chimineasThe excellent selection here and very competitively priced. Lets you know when products will be back in stock and fully restocked for 2022.
gardeco chimineasSpecialist importer of real fire products such as chimeneas – stock is often limited and their website is frustrating as in-stock items are not listed first, so you have to check EVERY item listed to see if it’s in stock as sometimes they are hiding further down the page. However, excellent chiminea accessories, some of which not available elsewhere.
wayfair chimineasA good amount of stock with excellent variety particularly in the contemporary range. Also has an impressive range of accessories and tools.
b & q chimineasA small selection of cheap and cheerful options but availability will often depend on where you live. Not always available for delivery.
argos chimineasSmall, beginner-friendly selection and cheap and cheerful. Stock is temperamental but often have some perfect first-time-user chimineas made of steel under £100.
uk gardens chimineasPoor website search function but currently have a good variety available. Noticed some inflated prices though.
etsy chimineasBecause Etsy is now stacked with independent, small business creatives there’s always plenty of chimineas in stock here. They are usually on the pricey side but they have some amazing options like this upcycled chiminea. However, if you search for ‘chimineas’ it will correct your search to ‘chimneys’ so make sure to click again on ‘search instead for chimineas’ underneath. upcycled chiminea
ebay chimineaseBay almost always has some form of chimineas available. Currently, some of the cheapest available online that I’ve encountered – they have a pyramid chiminea for less than £40 now (January 2022). The variety is extraordinary particularly right now as sellers have noticed how in-demand chimineas are currently. From traditional clay chimineas to custom-made, unique pieces of art, there’s everything to be had here.
amazon chimineasAmazon has really upped their chiminea game in the last few months and 2022 is looking good for stock and availability. There are now a wide variety of clay, steel and cast iron chimineas available though sometimes it will take some digging to find them. Prices have become more competitive but some are still overly inflated.
homebase chimineasIf you’re after a black steel contemporary chiminea for a good price from La Hacienda then you’re in luck! But that’s all they are offering currently.
ali express chimineaIf you are having problems finding stock there’s always the option to get one shipped from China. The current wait time is less than a month and although the selection is usually limited, they almost always have contemporary steel chims for a great price and shipping is usually cheap.
The Chiminea ShopUK-based independent seller of chimineas. Has developed a trusted reputation with customers although limited choice for metal chimineas they have a good selection of clay chims.

Buy a Chiminea Locally

Sometimes you just want to see what you are buying so I’ve started a list of finding places locally that have chimineas in stock.

Local Chiminea ShopDetails
dobbies chimineasAlthough Dobbies occasionally does list chimineas online, it’s unusual and I’ve found the best way is to call ahead to your particular local Dobbies store as they often have lots of clay chimineas to choose from. Try searching Dobbies Store Locator where it will let you know where their nearest branch to you is, and most importantly the telephone number of your local store.
facebook marketplace chimineasFacebook Marketplace really has gone from strength to strength in the last few years and make sure to search here for chimineas locally. However, be aware of scammers as they are unfortunately more and more prevalent here.
ebay chimineaseBay is still a good platform to use when buying and selling locally. The advantages over Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree are you can at least vet your sellers by looking at their feedback. Use the search to filter by items that are available for collection only.
gumtree chimineasGumtree continues to be a fairly active platform in the UK for local selling so always worth checking here.

If you’d like to have your shop showcased, or have a great shop that I missed, get in touch:

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