Replacement Chiminea Lid – where to get One?

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Chiminea lids are a handy addition to any chiminea as it keeps your chimney stack covered when your chiminea is not in use. They also look nice and usually match the styling of your chim.

Does a chiminea need a lid?

Technically no. A chiminea lid performs a few functions but you don’t need it to burn a fire in your chiminea.

However, chiminea lids keep debris from entering the chiminea through the chimney when not in use. They also stop any water from getting in. This is really important as water inside a chiminea is never a good thing.

Not only do they serve a practical purpose, but chiminea lids also make it look nice. If your chiminea is out in the garden for the summer, and there’s no rain forecast, it’s nice to leave it uncovered so you can look at your lovely outdoor fireplace.

Keeping the lid in place when your chiminea is uncovered will keep your cleaning-before-starting-the-fire job to a minimum. You’ll only be cleaning out the ash from your last fire and not all sorts of debris that might have fallen in through the top of the chimney.

Should you leave the lid on a chiminea?

No, not if you’re planning on lighting it. The lid essentially blocks the chimney and stops the smoke from escaping. BY lighting a fire with the lid still on, the smoke has nowhere to go but out the mouth of the front of your chim.

Replacement Chiminea Lids In Stock

These unfortunately are few and far between and as far as actually chiminea lids, all I could find were these few from Wayfair.

chiminea replacement lid

They have replacement clay chiminea lids in green and grey/blue. Above is the green one which is 26cm in diameter (the width). And the Blue replacement chiminea lid is 27.5cm across.

Make sure to measure the top of your chiminea so you know the diameter you’re after.

You might like my chiminea wiki that has lots more info on different parts of the chiminea.

Alternatives to Chiminea Lids

There are other things we can use as replacement lids for chimineas. Unfortunately, you’ll have to put aside the nice aesthetic that they bring as these will be purely functional replacements.

Check your cupboards for a small saucepan lid that might fit. Or I found these replacement lids available to get from Amazon.

replacement lid various sizes

They are available in widths from 14-30cm and will do the job nicely of covering the top of your chiminea and keeping debris out.

Another option is these steel lids available for cheap on Amazon:

replacement lid metal

For less than £10 it could work really well – again note the diameter, this one is 24cm but of course, there are others available.

The Truth about Replacement Chiminea Lids

There’s not a lot to choose from at the moment, but I’ll be sure to update this article if I see any other options come in stock for that will do as a replacement lid.

For more info check out my full article on chiminea lids.

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