Chiminea Smores – The Easiest Thing to Cook on a Chiminea

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Finally, the giant marshmallows came back into stock in my local shop so drum roll for CHIMINEA SMORES!

Just the word gets the drool started. Smores are of course that traditional campfire joy from the United States but for my version of chiminea smores, we’re going to do things slightly differently – in fact, just making them even easier.

What you Need

The beauty of this recipe is there are only 2 ingredients and a stick needed! It did just so happen that my swanky new BBQ set has long kebab skewers included, so I polished them up and got my marshmallows and chocolate digestive biscuits, and headed out to the garden.

marshmallow and chocolate digestives

Check these amazing giant marshmallows available on Etsy.

Getting the Fire Going

My chiminea was stored snuggly under the cover, so whipped that off and used some kindling and wood-shaving fire starters to get things going.

started fire in chiminea

Let the fire heat up for about a half-hour though you probably don’t need to wait that long.

ready to toast

So far this wee chiminea is holding up pretty well. Despite being out in all weathers, there are only a few small signs of rust. A review soon to follow on both the chiminea and the cover.

Once the fire is nice and hot, simply stab your marshmallow with a stick (or something longer and cleaner) and hold your marshmallows over the fire to toast.

Keep turning as they toast and don’t hold them too close to the flame or they will just burn too fast. The slower the roast, the gooier the centre! 🤤

If it does burst into flames, pull it out and blow it out. Burnt bits are a personal preference, I love them but if you do burn it too much, leave it out to cool a bit and chop off the burnt bit and go again. Or just use another marshmallow.

The Result

chiminea smores recipe

Oh, my giddy aunt were these good! When your mallow is sufficiently toasted, plop it onto a chocolate digestive, on the chocolate side of course, then quickly place another biscuit on top, again keeping the chocolate facing the marshmallow.

Impossible to eat without making a mess, give them a good squish and get yer gums round that! If your marshmallow is toasted enough, it’ll melt all the chocolate on your biscuits and what you’re left with is an amazing, gooey, delicious sweet treat.

Perfect for kids….or anyone really who likes deliciousness! Let me know if you try them!

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