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Chiminea Stand – Do I Need a Stand For My Chiminea?

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Yes, you need a stand for your chiminea. If your chiminea doesn’t have legs, it should come with a stand that holds it off the ground.

Clay chimineas always need stands as they are designed and built without legs. This is because of the simple yet highly efficient shape of the bulbous fire bowl and chimney stack that are made separately then joined to make the final product.

Metal chimineas almost always come with built-in legs as part of them. Depending on where you buy your chiminea you may need to assemble it yourself and legs should always be included.

Why does my Chiminea Need a Stand?

Chimineas need stands because:

  • Provides tability
  • Protects the surface the chiminea stands on
  • Raises the fire up making it look better
  • Raises the fire up helping it radiate heat

Not all chimineas need stands. Traditionally shaped metal chimineas have legs that perform the same function as stands.

Your chiminea should never be in direct contact with the ground as it will quickly become a fire hazard. It must always be raised off the ground. You may notice that all stands and chimineas have 3 legs – this gives them extra stability.

Speaking of stability, it’s super important to find a flat surface for your chim to reside. A toppling chiminea is really not what you want to be dealing with!

Chimineas should be moved as little as possible but if you absolutely have to move it, don’t lift it up by the chimney as the weakest point is where the chimney joins the fire bowl.

Always wait until the chiminea is completely cooled and get someone to help you lift it from the bottom. If moving into a shed for the winter, make sure to give it a good clean first and that it’s bone dry before packing away.

What do you put Under a Chiminea?

Once you’ve found that flat surface, next we have to consider if the surface needs heatproofing. Wooden decks are a prime example and will need protection if you plan to put your chiminea there.

There are various solutions for decks like heatproofing a section especially for your chiminea with tile or stone or even using a large heat-resistant mat like the one pictured.

To see more examples on Amazon search for ‘fire mat decking‘.

For more information on using a chiminea on a wooden deck, check my full article.

Any Other Reasons I need a Chiminea Stand?

Apart from the safety reasons the chiminea stand simply makes it look great. 

By raising the level of the chiminea, not only will it be easier to access the mouth of your chim to add fuel, but it also raises up your beautiful fire for all to see and huddle around.

TIP – Remember that chiminea stands are separate from a chiminea and are usually not attached in any way. When moving a clay chiminea lift it by the fire bowl and get someone to help you move the stand in place so you can place it directly back on the stand.

Where can I buy a chiminea stand?

Whether you’ve managed to buy a chiminea without a stand, you need to buy a replacement as yours is damaged, or you would like something more ornate, there are many options available.

From basic chiminea stands on eBay or Amazon to custom-designed ornate examples like this from independent stores.

Be sure to check the condition of your stand about once a season to make sure the structure is still intact. Most commonly made of steel they can rust eventually and this could cause your chiminea to be unstable.

When researching the purchase of a replacement chiminea stand, you’ll need the exact measurements of the bottom of your fire bowl. Match this to the diameter of your new stand and it should fit perfectly.

In Summary

Yes, you need a stand for a chiminea:

  • It prevents the fire bowl from directly contacting ground
  • Fire safe
  • Stable mount for your chiminea
  • Makes it looks good
  • Makes the mouth of your chiminea more accessible

Clay chimineas should always come provided with a chiminea stand and as you can see, the stand is a really important part of the chiminea.

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