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Modern Chimineas – 5 Head Turning Contemporary Chimineas

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The traditional look of a chiminea may not appeal to everyone. The good news is there’s now a tonne of variety to choose from and in recent years, the contemporary chiminea has come a long way. A chiminea fireplace is a great centerpiece in any garden, but choosing the right style is essential. Fortunately, there are many options if the traditional style and shape are not your vibe – don’t get stuck with an outdated design.

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Most often made of steel, they are practical as they can usually burn both wood and charcoal (always check manufacturers’ instructions) and are readily available from the regulars of online retail. As steel is lighter than both clay and cast iron, it does make shipping much easier.

Unique to the modern chiminea is the deliberate rust of corten steel which I’m a big fan of!

At a Glance – Best Modern Chimineas

1. Dellonda Chiminea, Wood Burner, Heater

Enjoy the cool evening with this stylish chiminea to keep your friends and family warm. Designed with a rustic look, this contemporary garden heater is finished in an old-fashioned metal design.

You can also use coal, logs, or even untreated timber to create a strong warm flame that will last until the early hours of the morning.

This product is made from durable steel construction and can hold a large volume of coal, charcoal, firewood, or other fuels.

2. Wood Log Burner Rust Finish Outdoor Fireplace

If you love the rustic and cosy atmosphere of a fireplace in your garden or on your patio, this modern chiminea fireplace is a great choice.

It has a wide opening and a grid that lifts the fire just enough to give a perfect amount of ventilation. With the well-designed chimney, the smoke is directed away from the eyes.

This contemporary take on a chiminea brings an industrial, rugged look to a space. With a rustic rusted finish, this log burner is ideal for any garden and is an excellent patio heater. For more information about the hottest chimineas, check out my article – hottest chimineas.

3. La Hacienda Santana Steel mesh Body Chimenea

Unique and simple design, the Santana Black Steel Mesh Chimenea is instantly recognisable as a contemporary La Hacienda design.

The sleek and stylish fireplace features a perforated mesh body which is perfect for an open fire but also adds a decorative touch to any garden. Perfect for entertaining guests in the garden or relaxing on a summer evening around your next BBQ!

With an open 360-degree view of the fire, this contemporary design will surely become a centrepiece for any garden.

4. LIVIVO Chiminea Patio Heater

Add a touch of contemporary charm to your backyard with the LIVIVO Chiminea Patio Heater.

This stylish chiminea has the influence of the traditional shape with a 360-degree view of the fire and even some wood storage. This modern chiminea provides a wide heat output and viewing angle, perfect for keeping your guests warm on cool evenings.

The durable metal construction is weatherproof and rust-resistant, making it perfect for use year-round. As it’s only 5kgs you can easily move it into the shed for those winter months.

5. GardenCo Tower Chiminea Log Burner

The GardenCo Tower Chiminea is a modern and stylish outdoor log burner that is perfect for adding heat to your garden space.

The durable steel chiminea is finished with heat-resistant black paint, making it ideal for use outdoors. With its sleek design, the Tower Chiminea will be a great finishing touch to your garden décor.

This is a popular chiminea as it’s cheap and cheerful and also a decent size. It’s a good choice for a first chiminea.

Alternative places to Look for Contemporary Chimineas

Some other places to check out for a great selection of modern steel chimineas are:

What to Look for In Modern Chimineas

  • The look. If you’re reading this article, you probably like the idea of chimineas, but the traditional look just doesn’t suit your aesthetic. Thankfully there’s now a tonne of variety when it comes to contemporary-styled chimineas, so whether you want a chiminea fire pit hybrid or a bright orange ‘rust’ chiminea, there’s a lot of choice.
  • The price. We’ve all got to be a bit more careful with our spending now, and contemporary chimineas tend to be cheaper and easier to ship as they are most often made of steel Always check the materials of your chiminea as it can affect its performance considerably.
  • Self-assembly required. Usually, modern chimineas are shipped in relatively small boxes in pieces and you have to put them together yourself. However, as long as all the parts are there, they are most often easy to do in about a half-hour.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering adding a touch of modernity to your outdoor space this year and want to do so with an eye-catching contemporary chiminea, be sure to check out the five models we’ve highlighted above. They are all made by well-known and respected brands in the industry and will make a stunning addition to any patio or garden.

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