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Chiminea Fire Pit Hybrid – Our top 5 Picks

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Can’t decide between a chiminea and a firepit? Do you love spending time outdoors, but hate the thought of being cold? Well, then a chiminea fire pit hybrid (in other words a cross between a chiminea and a fire pit) may be perfect for you!

Not only do they add a touch of warmth and style to your outdoor space, but they’re also a great source of heat. In this post, I’ll share my top 5 picks for the best chiminea fire pits crossovers on the market. Whether you’re looking for something small and portable or something large and robust, we’ve got you covered. Stay warm in your garden all year round with a chiminea fire pit!

At a Glance – Best Chiminea Fire Pit Crossovers

1. La Hacienda Santana Steel mesh Body Chimenea

Introducing the perfect chiminea for all styles of patios and gardens – the La Hacienda Santana Steel mesh Body Chimenea!

This stylish piece is suited to any setting and makes a great centerpiece for any garden. The 360-degree view of the fire is perfect for gatherings, while the functional chimney ensures that your fires stay burning bright.

With its modern chiminea shape, this piece is sure to be a hit allowing everyone from all angles to see the flames.

2. La Hacienda 56210 Leon Large Mesh Steel Chimenea

The La Hacienda Leon Large Mesh Steel Chimenea is the perfect way to add some heat and style to your outdoor space.

Made with durable steel construction, this chimenea fire pit features a bronze effect high-temperature paint finish that will look great for years to come. It also includes a mesh door, rain lid, log grate, and safety tool so you can enjoy it worry-free.

Add an attractive focal point to your patio or deck with this chic chimenea fire pit hybrid from La Hacienda.

3. Rustic Outdoor Fireplace Chimnea with Cooking Grill Fire Pit Firepit Barbecue

This Outdoor Cooking Fire Pit is perfect for BBQs and keeping warm on chilly evenings.

It features a classic design with sturdy solid steel construction, black heat-resistant paint, and an attractive antique finish.

The swing-out Cast Iron Grill is adjustable in three positions and food safe, making it ideal for cooking your favorite foods. It also has spark guard mesh on all sides and a chimney to help keep the fires going.

This is a terrific chiminea/ fire pit crossover that is a great size for all your friends to gather around.

4. blumfeldt Titus – Garden Fireplace Terrace Stove

The Blumfeldt Titus garden fireplace is the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing campfire atmosphere right at home. Made entirely of cast iron, this terrace stove features an antique design that will add a touch of class to any outdoor space.

Simply ignite some wood logs inside and enjoy the pleasant heat and flickering flames for hours. The 360 ° all-round grille prevents flying sparks and also allows you to get a fascinating view of the fire from all sides.

With its stylish design, the Blumfeldt Titus not only provides warmth but also makes a great visual highlight in any setting.


5. Dellonda Deluxe 360° Chiminea/Fire Pit

The Dellonda Deluxe 360° Chiminea is a stylish and garden-friendly outdoor heater that will keep you warm all evening long.

This cast iron chiminea fire pit is 141cm tall (making it the largest on our list and therefore the warmest!) It features a rustic antique bronze finish and comes with a safety mesh screen to prevent embers and sparks from flying out.

You can use logs or untreated timber as fuel, and the chiminea is also coated in a long-lasting fire-resistant paint to keep it looking good as new. With its deluxe 360° shape, this wood burner is suitable for all kinds of gardens and patios – so you can enjoy time outside with your friends and family no matter what the weather!

What Are the Benefits of Chiminea Fire Pit Hybrids?

Let’s not forget we are indeed chiminea mad on this website so when trying to choose between a fire pit and a chiminea, we would always choose a chiminea.

Sometimes the benefits of seeing the fire from all angles and the space that you have in mind is far better suited to a 360 view. Some of the reasons you might choose a chiminea fire pit crossover are:

  • Circular space or patio
  • Many people surrounding fire
  • Easier to light than a fire pit
  • Less smoke as some will go up the chimney
  • Often cheaper than chimineas

Final Thoughts

The chiminea fire pit hybrid can be the perfect purchase for someone who can’t decide between a chiminea and a fire pit. Just remember that there will be considerably more smoke than with a chiminea due to the 360 mesh.

However, these unique outdoor fire pits offer the best of both worlds – the 360-degree view of the fire, and the ambiance of a traditional fireplace combined with the extra warmth and chimney of a chiminea.


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