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Best Extra Large Chiminea for Maximum Heat Output

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If you want a chiminea that kicks out a lot of heat this Autumn, then look no further than an extra-large chiminea. Ideal for a larger garden space, these beasties are the perfect fiery addition and focal point for your garden.

It can be tricky shopping for chimineas online as the size can be deceptive so here are some guidelines for finding an extra-large chiminea to suit your needs.

1. The Name

It may sound obvious but look for the label ‘extra-large’ or large when shopping for a big chim.

Also, consider that sometimes the names companies give their chimineas can be misleading.

Sometimes a ‘large’ is more like an ‘extra-large’ and vice versa.

2. The Dimensions

This is important as many chimineas will describe themselves as large or extra large but in fact are more like a medium size. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules but in general look for one with over 45cm width.

This means your fire bowl will be a decent size and great for a more substantial fire and potentially cooking.

Smaller chimineas in general are harder to cook on as the mouth (opening in front) is smaller limiting the access you have to the fire.

Also, consider the width (or depth) of the chiminea. You may find one that has impressive vertical dimensions but in fact, the actual fire area is quite narrow.

3. The Material

Extra-large chimineas tend to come more frequently in metal varieties. This is because they can withstand the heat of a larger fire.

However, there are clay varieties available and we’ll look at some good choices for clay later.

If you’re going for the maximum heat-producing chiminea then metal is usually the way to go.

Not only can they withstand much higher heat and are able to use charcoal as a fuel, they’re also better at radiating heat from their large, metal surface area.

Check out my article on small chimineas if you’re looking for something more compact.

Extra Large Cast Iron Chimineas

Let’s look at some options available in stock now:

extra large chiminea castironchimineas

The Calico style Chimenea – Pewter

The Calico chiminea from castironchimineas.co.uk is available now for pre-order for October.

It’s 115cms tall and 50cm wide with adjustable airflow and permanent rain cowl, made from cast iron in a pewter finish and even claims to be frost proof!

Another cool feature is it has 2x internal grates one of which you could use for cooking. It even slides in and out on rails!



Steel WoodCharcoal Chiminea

The Large Valiant Chiminea

This is another terrific offering from Cast Iron Chimineas UK. 123cms tall and 45cm in diameter, the fire bowl comes in one piece making it incredibly robust.

It Burns wood, coal and charcoal and has a BBQ grill that can swivel in and out of the flames, making cooking a breeze.

Comes complete with a matching rain cap, fire grate, heavy-duty carrying handles, hinged fire guard door, and bbq grill. Keep in mind that its total weight is 50kg so you’d want to choose a spot and leave it there.


The 53 Basket Weave extra large Chiminea in Black

The 53″ Basket Weave Chiminea 2 in 1

Described as the ‘King of Chimineas’ this beauty is not only a stomping large chiminea, you can also lift off the chimney stack and use as a BBQ!

The 53 Basket Weave extra large Chiminea in Black bbq ready

It stands at 134cm tall and 55cm in width making it one of the largest on our list and it does come in at a beefy 75kgs. But the beauty here is there’s very little assembly.

Comes complete with a matching rain cap, fire grate, chimney spark arrestor, heavy-duty carrying handles, hinged fire guard door, and bbq grill. Did I mention I have my eye on this one for my next chiminea?!


The Castmaster Mexican Pizza Oven (1)

The Castmaster XL Mexican Pizza Oven

Going slightly off-piste, I’d be amiss not to mention this chiminea/ pizza oven that could be all your dreams come true!

Welcome to the Castmaster XL Mexican Pizza oven! This Aztec styled beast is a wonder to behold with massive cooking space in the fire bowl itself but also a door in the chimney stack – where the sun design is, that opens up the pizza oven.

Furthermore, it’s possible to remove the whole of the chimney giving you a large area to BBQ. Each one comes complete with a matching rain cap, Iron stand, fire grate, hinged fire guard door and BBQ/oven grill and requires minor assembly.


Extra Large Steel Chimineas

La Hacienda Monterrey Chimenea

Previously only £50 this chiminea has gone up in price considerably and still provides value for money for it’s size and life expectancy.

It’s got cast iron legs with a steel body and substantial width at 50cm. La Hacienda also a dependable, well-known brand (particularly when it comes to metal chimineas).

Homebase sometimes have it and it’s always on Amazon.


Blooma Etinas Steel Chiminea

Another affordable option, this time from B&Q. This attractive steel chiminea is 50cm in diameter and will burn both wood and charcoal.

It does have some cast iron parts – though it doesn’t say exactly what, I would guess the feet are cast iron. This gives it a bit more weight and stability.

This one also has an air vent in the front so you can really control your fire. Sometimes issues with stock on this one and watch out for over-priced resellers on Amazon and eBay for this one.

La Hacienda Extra Large Steel Chiminea - Bronze Finish

La Hacienda Extra Large Steel Chiminea – Bronze Finish

Although maybe not as large as some of the others, I have to include this chiminea as it’s one I’ve had first-hand experience of…and it’s pretty good!

Amazingly small shipping box because everything comes to bits – even the chimney stack is in two parts.

Easy to put together and had all the bits included. I got this from Argos and it’s a great option for a chiminea that’s a reasonable size but doesn’t break the bank.

So far, no signs of rust though I do keep it under a cover – the only problem I’ve had with it is a few times it’s been so windy it got knocked over. However, now I know to stick a couple of heavy rocks inside to help weigh it down when it’s windy!

Extra Large Clay Chimineas

Asteria Extra-Large Glazed Black AFC Chimenea

Asteria Extra-Large Glazed Black AFC Chimenea

This beauty is best purchased from Gardeco themselves and this is the cheapest I’ve seen these extra-large chimalin chimineas.

They are made from specially engineered, unique fire clay developed by Gardeco, offering exceptional resistance to fire cracking. This chimenea is guaranteed 5 years against cracking due to thermal shock! Because it’s so resilient you can burn coal or charcoal as well as wood.

The wide mouth is an excellent feature and allows you to see all the fire and easily chuck another log on the fire. Comes with a rain lid and stand.


extra large mexican clay chiminea

Azteca Extra-Large Red Mexican Chimenea

This stunning Mexican chiminea is available from ChimineasMexico.co.uk and is an impressive 50cm in diameter and 125cm tall. Comes with a matching lid and stand.

If you like the rustic look, this could be the ticket! This one is only wood-burning and smaller fires are the key here to keep this beauty running at its most efficient.

This extra-large chiminea can take larger logs but won’t need much wood to keep that fire burning efficiently.

Available at time of writing for £187.99.

If you’re struggling to decide which material is best for you, check out my article that discusses the differences between cast iron and clay chimineas.

Final Words

There’s something about an extra-large chiminea that is just so satisfying. They make a wonderful addition to any garden or outdoor area with the space to accommodate them.

As for the heat output, of an extra-large chiminea, that will depend on the material but obviously, they all put out more heat than their smaller counterparts. If you’ve got the space, extra-large is the way to go! Do you have a massive stonker of a chim in your garden? Which one did you go for? I’d love to hear from you.

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