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Coolest Chimineas on Trend for 2022

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Sometimes you just need that outstanding design piece for your garden…something that will leave people wanting one and talking about it all week to their friends. Welcome to my collection of the coolest chimineas!

A stunning chiminea that will look amazing and set off the centerpiece of your garden making it feel like a different place. Somewhere cool and trendy (or words that cool and trendy young people of 2022 use) for your o relax and enjoy some quality downtime with family and friends.

Let’s look at some options available RIGHT NOW online and what better place than Amazon.

La Hacienda Santana Steel mesh Body Chimenea

The La Hacienda Santana Steel mesh Body Chimenea, Black is a unique and modern design that will be perfect for all styles of patios and gardens. With a great 360 degrees view of the fire, this fireplace will quickly become a favorite gathering spot for your friends and family.

Made from top-quality steel with a tough black finish, the Santana Fireplace is sure to be a hit in any contemporary setting.

Bring the beauty of a warm, cozy fire to your patio or garden. This unique, contemporary design is sure to be a hit with friends and family, and its quality steel construction ensures durability and lasting beauty.

Dellonda Corten Steel Chiminea

Introducing the Dellonda Corten Steel Chiminea. This stylish garden heater is perfect to enjoy time at home with your friends and family while on your patio.

It’s easy to move around, thanks to its light steel build, and you can use coal, logs, or even untreated timber to keep you warm in the evenings.

Plus, the tall and compact design means it’s suitable for all garden spaces. Durable and stylish, the Dellonda Corten Steel Chiminea is a must-have for anyone seeking that ultimate style statement for your garden.

La Hacienda Clifton Steel Chimenea

Looking for a stylish and practical garden heater? Look no further than the La Hacienda Clifton Steel Chimenea Garden Patio Heater Log Burner.

Made from steel for lightness and durability, this small-sized chimenea is big on heat, making it perfect for smaller spaces.

Despite being small this chiminea is perfect for a first chiminea and for the urban patio. Add some warmth and ambiance to your garden this season with the La Hacienda Clifton Steel Chimenea Garden Patio Heater Log Burner.

Oxford Barbecues Radley Cream With Grey Detail Clay Chiminea

These gorgeous little clay chimineas are the perfect style statement for the boujee back garden in 2022.

Keep in mind this one will need some extra TLC to make sure to keep the cracks at bay. It’ll have to be seasoned gradually and put away over winter if you want it to last till next season.

Only 30cm wide it’s a cute little fireplace and while being very much a traditional chiminea, it also has a modern charm with its neutral colouring.

For under around £85 you’ll get some great evenings out of this little fireplace adding real character to your garden.

La Hacienda XL Murcia Steel Chiminea with Grill

With a diameter of nearly 50cm, this steel offering from La Hacienda swiftly become a fave choice of chiminea for 2022. As it’s a metal chiminea, the heat output is great, and with a grill included you can rock some BBQ cooking on this bad girl.

It’s also able to burn charcoal to keep your fam extra toasty. As it’s made of steel it’s cheap to ship and although you’ll have to assemble it yourself, it’s a piece of cake. Make sure to grab a rain cover and you can leave this one outside Spring through Autumn and easily chuck it in the shed for the Winter.

Top it off this beauty comes with a mesh spark arrestor door and a front vent allowing you extra control of those flames throughout the evening. The Murcia is a solid choice for a first chiminea and you’ll find it easy to use and maintain for next season.

Castmaster stoves® – Pasadena Cast Iron Chiminea pot belly wood stove Patio heater

Looking to add a touch of enchantment and comfort to your patio or decking area? Castmaster’s Pasadena Cast Iron Chiminea is the perfect finishing touch for your patio or decking.

It also doubles as a barbecue, making it the perfect all-in-one solution for outdoor dining. And with its tall design, it’s sure to make a stunning focal point for your outdoor space.

This pot belly wood stove is made from durable cast iron and coated in a black heat resistant coating, topped with a matching steel flue featuring an attractive permanent rain cowl with a built-in spark arrestor.

The Pasadena Cast Iron Chiminea warms up quickly and radiates more heat than clay, making it a great choice for those chilly evenings.

Chimineas to Avoid in 2022

The prime suspect is the super cheap pyramid-shaped steel chimineas, often open on all sides at the mouth of the fire. These chimineas are renowned for being poor choices.

We dislike these for a lot of reasons but mainly because they are not particularly hot – they don’t radiate heat well at all. The shape of this type of chiminea means there’s little metal above the fire to heat up and radiate. Heat escapes out the sides (as does smoke) and escapes quickly into the air.

The traditional choice of shape for the chiminea is no accident. Think about it – the bulbous-shaped fire bowl gives the fire room to be while also providing an extra surface area to heat up.

This surface area then radiates heat extremely well. All the while, the narrower chimney shape creates an air draw in through the mouth, into the fire, and then for the smoke and gases to be sucked out the top. The traditional chiminea is an extremely efficient shape when it comes to containing and feeding small fires.

For similar reasons, I’m also not a fan of the cheap little steel chimineas that have 360 degrees mesh around the fire bowl.

These ones are popular because of their cheap price and if you are unsure of whether to get a firepit or a chiminea, these can be a good compromise.

However, as a chiminea, they are not particularly efficient. Heat escapes too quickly and the fire is no protection.

Final Thoughts

I hope that’s given you an idea on which chimineas I like the best for 2022. remember that sticking to a traditional shape is usually preferable for heat output and don’t forget to pick up a rain cover if you leave it outside at all in the UK!

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