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6 Stunning Unique White Chimineas

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Let’s face it, chimineas are stunning additions to any garden, no matter how modern, traditional, or rustic it may be.

But if you want to wow in the garden this summer, you need to make it unique! I’m looking at some of the coolest White Chimineas to inspire you. You won’t find anything like these in your local garden centre, so will have to be super creative.

1. La Hacienda Arlington Clay Chiminea

This was in fact the chiminea that sparked my interest as B&Q currently have it on sale for just £25! Possibly the cheapest clay chim I’ve ever found!

There is a touch of style with the La Hacienda Arlington Clay Chiminea, which is an off-white/ stone colour. I must mention the poor reviews these little chimineas get both on B&Q and on Amazon – Usually, it is either because there has been an issue with shipping or, more often, the uninitiated user has built a whipping great fire and cracked it on its first use.

These little clay chimineas work absolutely fine if they manage to make it to you in one piece, and you cure them properly with small fires. A great first chiminea and you can’t go wrong at this price!

2. Gardeco Sempra large Chimalin AFC White

The Gardeco Chimalin AFC chimenea has arrived and it is an absolute cracker! You can fire this garden treasure in the same way as you would a cast iron chiminea, and build a large fire with peace of mind.

Gardeco developed this amazing clay that doesn’t crack, and they are so sure of this, it comes with a 5-year guarantee.

This stunning white chiminea won’t disappoint and although currently around £250, these things will last you for years and years to come.

You can use it like you would a metal chiminea, and it’ll burn wood as well as charcoal. Not great for cooking inside the fire bowl as it’s pretty narrow; however you can use a grill on top.

This beaut comes with a lid and a basic stand and is a striking white fireplace that will turn heads for sure with it;s traditional shape.

3. Gardeco Asteria XL Chimalin AFC White chimenea

This is also from Gardeco and is their extra-large white chimenea with a large opening mouth for a full view of the fire and easy re-fuelling. Suitable for large patios and comes with a metal stand and matching clay lid.

There is no finish on this chiminea, leaving the natural pale white colour of the Chimalin AFC clay. As described in the previous product, Chimalin AFC is a new and unique fire clay developed by Gardeco, offering exceptional resistance to fire cracking. This chimenea is guaranteed 5 years against cracking due to thermal shock.

This means there’s little chance of this bad boy cracking, and it can take wood or charcoal. The larger front opening on this one means it’s perfect for a larger fire or, indeed, some cooking!

With over 50cm wide, it’s about as wide as it gets for traditionally shaped chims, allowing you to try your pizza cooking skills.

4. Margarita Cook & Eat Chimenea

The Margarita Cook & Eat Chimenea is a stylish, white, two-piece clay chimenea with a sophisticated design, perfect for cooking outdoors.

If treated carefully, this chiminea will do you a nice turn in the garden. Simply lift off the top part to reveal a round cooking area.

Instructions say you can use charcoal touch I’d be extremely cautious and stick to wood as these are known for cracking if you burn them too hot.

Looks great and would suit a small to medium-sized patio.

5. Ardor White Clay Egg Chiminea Fire Outdoor Burner Heater

This modern take on a chiminea in an egg shape is a cool option for making a statement on your patio this summer.

Just remember to always remove the lid when the fire is going, unlike in the pic!

Although perhaps not technically a chiminea due to the obvious omission on a chimney, at only £75 this one is well worth a punt.

Remember it’ll need careful curing and you’ll only be able to use wood, one or two logs at a time, but it’s only 30cm wide and 60cm tall so you can easily pop this on in the shed for the winter (or when it’s raining) and whip it out when it’s time for some unique white chiminea patio styling.


Some fab choices when it comes to white chimineas, and my choice would be one of the AFC CHimalin from Gardeco. I like the traditional shape with the modern take of the white finish…hint hint Gardeco! 😆

I hope you have some fun with these this summer. Let me know which is your favourite.

Before you go, you might find this of interest – while researching white chimineas, I came across this electric white chiminea-shaped heater!

You can get one of these cool beasties for £100 at Dunelm and they have a flame effect and EVERYTHING!

white chiminea shaped indoor heater

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