my bronze chiminea burning wood in my garden

Bronze Chimineas

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If you fancy a bronze chiminea, I spent some time researching what is currently available.

Here are my favourite bronze chimineas:

Tia 137Cm H Steel Charcoal Outdoor Chiminea

Our first bronze chiminea offering is from Wayfair, and there’s a lot of value for money here.

A very large modern, and attractive-looking chimenea with a swivel BBQ grill, solid cast iron legs with a steel body.

This chimenea has an opening air vent, a charcoal grill, and a lid for the top of the funnel. It’s light enough to relocate easily and easy to use. Warms up fast and gives a lot of heat.

It burns any type of fuel as this can tolerate much hotter temperatures than your clay chiminea; you can even use charcoal which is perfect for cooking.

Including this swivel grill is a genius idea for this model as although it won’t replace a BBQ for 6 people, it’ll cook up a couple of steaks really well! This one is a generous size for a chiminea and will heat a medium-sized patio on an Autumn evening.

Gardeco Bronze Small Chiminea

This chiminea is a classic example of beauty and functionality. With a cast iron belly and steel flue, the Fruitland Chiminea is sleek and strong at the same time. It features stove legs, designed to be solid and stable as they provide some extra weight.

It also maintains an elegant shape from all angles, making it perfect for placement in any garden setting. From its decorative grill to its sturdy base, this chiminea will make any garden look interesting.

You can also use charcoal with this one but no grill for cooking on. This is a small version of this range – they also do a medium and a large but these sell out quickly.

gardeco bronze small chiminea

It’s a short one at only 90cm tall, but that makes it possible to store it easily indoors in the winter. You could even use it as an indoor chiminea – be sure to check out all my info on indoor chimineas.

La Hacienda Sierra Bronze Large Cast Iron Chiminea with Grill

This stunning cast iron bronze chiminea adds a little rustic charm to your patio.

The large and attractive bronze chiminea will brighten up any garden whilst providing the perfect setting for BBQs and parties.

With a heavy-duty cast iron structure, it will last many years outdoors, whether you’re hosting friends or enjoying al fresco dining.

Plus, this chiminea comes complete with a slide-in chrome plated grill – making it the ideal choice if you want a high-quality chiminea for cooking on too!

la haceinda chiminea large bronze

Although titled as ‘large’, it’s more what we’d describe as medium-sized. Height is 112cm and diameter is 42cm. However, this one is a powerhouse in terms of heat output and although a bit more expensive than the others, for a cast iron chiminea, Garden 4 Less do a great price!

Bronze it Up!

It’s a classic colour for a chiminea and gives a sense of antique to your garden space.

My current steel chiminea is bronze, and although it wasn’t my first choice at the time, I have grown to really like the warm tones of bronze.

However, I do have a preference currently for the corten steel look and am half wishing mine would turn orange!

This one didn’t come with a grill but I bought a pizza stone and fingers crossed I’ll get to try it in the bronze steel chiminea soon!

my bronze chiminea in my garden

The pros of bronze chimineas is they are metal which means you can use any fuel type, they are durable and should last at least a handful of seasons and they can be moved easily around your garden as they’re usually not too heavy – cast iron varieties are the exception of course.

The cons are they can take some time to grow on you, but I’ve found that it did, and the bronze really suits the style of my garden and house. There is a vintage feel to the bronze chiminea that you don’t get with other colours. It will be interesting to see how the rust develops on this one, and I think it may even make it look even better!

Have you tried a bronze chiminea? Let me know!

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