best chimineas summer 2023

Best Chimineas Summer 2023 UK

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Hello there, fellow lovers of the great outdoors and balmy summer nights! As we find ourselves basking in the light of Summer 2023, what better way to enhance your garden or outdoor space than with a beautiful chiminea? The perfect companion for those cooler evenings and a focal point for your alfresco gatherings, these outdoor heaters are simply a must-have. They not only provide warmth but also add a special touch of charm to your patio, garden, or yard.

As we’ve had the pleasure of touring the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, we’ve encountered some truly outstanding chimineas in various categories – whether you’re looking for one that doubles up as a grill, or you’re after a more decorative piece, or perhaps, something more portable and lightweight.

That’s why we’ve decided to put together this comprehensive guide of the Best Chimineas for Summer 2023 in the UK. From the classic clay chimineas to the modern cast iron versions, and even the stylish steel ones, we’ve got it all. Sit back, get cozy, and let us guide you through the various options available, making it easier for you to decide which chiminea you’ll be welcoming into your outdoor space this summer. Here’s to long summer nights under the stars, wrapped in the warmth of your perfect chiminea!

Best Clay Chiminea Summer 2023

La Hacienda Swirl Clay Chimenea

A fusion of tradition, artistry, and practicality, the La Hacienda 67034 Swirl Clay Chiminea has claimed its rightful place as our top pick for the best clay chiminea in Summer 2023. Priced at a reasonable £70.55, it offers an unparalleled value proposition in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and overall quality.

Handcrafted and hand-painted by skilled artisans, this piece celebrates the rich tradition of Mexican style chimineas. Each one is imbued with a unique character, a testament to the individual artisan’s touch. The sea blue and red swirl design adds a vibrant splash of colour, making it a striking centrepiece in any outdoor setting.

The clay construction ensures excellent heat retention and distribution, creating an inviting glow and warmth that permeates throughout your garden or patio. The dimensions – 30D x 30W x 68H centimetres – make it suitable for a variety of outdoor spaces without being too imposing. Weighing 9.5 kilograms, it’s sturdy enough to withstand breezy conditions, yet not too hefty for occasional repositioning.

As for functionality, this chiminea is a log burner, capable of providing ample heat for those chillier summer nights. It comes complete with a rain lid to protect the interior from the elements and a solid metal stand for stability. Do note, some assembly is required, but nothing too daunting even for a DIY novice.

Despite its rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars, it’s worth noting that the La Hacienda 67034 has earned the #1 Best Seller spot in the Chimineas category on Amazon. While not every product can please every customer, the overall consensus seems to suggest a positive experience with this piece.

In conclusion, the La Hacienda 67034 Swirl Clay Chiminea offers a balanced blend of beauty, tradition, and function that is bound to enhance any outdoor space. It’s more than just a patio heater; it’s a celebration of artistry and a testament to the joy of outdoor living.

Best Steel Chiminea

LIVIVO Seville Chiminea

For those seeking a combination of style, durability, and heat efficiency, check out the LIVIVO Seville Chiminea Patio Heater. This fantastic model, touted as our top choice for the best steel chiminea of Summer 2023, offers a unique blend of practicality and design that sets it apart from the crowd.

Priced at £79.99, the LIVIVO Seville is a testament to the adage “you get what you pay for”. Its weatherproof and rust-resistant steel construction ensures long-lasting durability, allowing you to enjoy its warmth and charm for many seasons to come. The external detailing inspired by traditional Mexican designs adds an element of style that’s hard to ignore, making it a fantastic addition to any outdoor setting.

With dimensions of 45D x 45W x 127H centimetres and a weight of 9.2 kilograms, the LIVIVO Seville offers a substantial heat output and viewing angle, courtesy of its large viewing window. This feature enhances the ambience, allowing you to fully appreciate the dancing flames as they warm your garden or patio.

One of the standout features of this chiminea is its fuel versatility. It accommodates both wood and charcoal, making it an adaptable solution for your outdoor heating needs. Also noteworthy is the large fuel capacity of its bowl, which not only allows for extended burning times but also helps in heating a larger area.

As a bonus, the LIVIVO Seville is a no-assembly-required model. This is a boon for anyone who wants to avoid the fuss of putting together their patio heater. Additionally, it comes with a free chiminea cover to keep it protected when not in use.

Despite its 3.6-star rating, the LIVIVO Seville is revered by many users for its excellent heat output and eye-catching design. The overall sentiment suggests that it’s a worthy investment for those looking to enhance their outdoor living experience.

In summary, the LIVIVO Seville Chiminea Patio Heater beautifully encapsulates practicality and elegance. Its impressive heat output, fuel versatility, and striking design make it an undeniable front-runner in the realm of steel chimineas.

Best Cast Iron Chiminea Summer 2023

Blumfeldt Augustus Garden Stove

For a top-tier cast iron chiminea that marries functionality with a touch of opulence, check out the Blumfeldt Augustus Garden Stove. Crowned as our best cast iron chiminea for Summer 2023, this exquisite piece is a testament to thoughtful design and robust construction.

Priced at £179.99, the Blumfeldt Augustus might appear a bit steep for some, but it truly embodies the phrase “a worthwhile investment”. Its entire body is crafted from durable, break-resistant cast iron, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

The first thing you’ll notice about this garden stove is its antique design and decorative ornaments. The ball-shaped fire bowl and chimney feature intricate detailing that adds a touch of vintage elegance to any outdoor setting. Available in a warm, earthy brown or a cool, sleek silver, there’s an option to suit every aesthetic preference.

Standing at 120 cm and weighing in at 43.5 kilograms, this is no lightweight addition to your garden or terrace. However, its impressive stature serves a dual purpose – not only does it offer substantial heating capabilities, but it also acts as a striking centrepiece.

With its capacity to burn both wood and charcoal, the Blumfeldt Augustus is versatile and adaptable. Moreover, it’s not just a heater but also doubles as a BBQ grill, offering you the opportunity to cook up some delicious outdoor meals while enjoying the warmth it provides.

Notably, this model requires no assembly, making setup as easy as can be. It features three solid, cone-shaped pedestals for stability, a practical draft flap for controlling the fire, and a spark-protection grille that also allows for a fascinating view of the flames.

Sporting a 3.9-star rating, the Blumfeldt Augustus has won the hearts of many customers. Its blend of functionality, style, and durability has struck a chord with users who appreciate both form and function.

In conclusion, the Blumfeldt Augustus Garden Stove is more than just a chiminea. It’s a statement piece, a functional tool, and a testament to the joy of outdoor living. Its robust build, antique design, and dual heating-cooking functionality make it a worthy contender as the best cast iron chiminea of Summer 2023.

Best Outdoor Fireplace Option

Haloo Alpine Outdoor Wood Burning Garden Fire Pit

Introducing the Haloo Alpine Outdoor Wood Burning Garden Fire Pit, our premier selection for the Best Outdoor Fireplace of Summer 2023. This state-of-the-art outdoor fireplace offers a combination of elegant design, remarkable functionality, and unrivalled quality that sets it apart in the outdoor heating market.

Priced at £582.28, the Haloo Alpine isn’t a casual investment, but rather a long-term addition to your outdoor space. It’s more than just a fire pit – it’s an outdoor experience enhancer.

Made of cast iron with enamel-coated components, this fireplace is designed for durability and resilience. The fire bowl, roof, and chimney are all coated with heat-resistant enamel that can withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees C for the bowl and an even more impressive 850 degrees C for the roof and chimney. This means your fireplace will retain its appeal and performance even after countless cozy fires.

The Haloo Alpine stands 179 cm wide and 75 cm in diameter and height, making it a significant presence in your outdoor area. Despite its considerable weight of 29.59 kilograms, this outdoor fireplace promises to be a worthwhile fixture due to its exceptional features.

One such feature is its swing-out BBQ cooking grill. The grill boasts two adjustable height positions, offering flexibility for various grilling needs. In addition, the fireplace’s extra-wide hinged door facilitates easy access for grilling and adding wood, making your alfresco cooking experience as smooth as can be.

Safety is another key consideration in the Haloo Alpine’s design. It offers a 360-degree view with spark guard mesh, which not only enhances safety by containing sparks but also improves smoke extraction.

In terms of maintenance, the Haloo Alpine scores high. The extra-large enamel-coated fire bowl comes equipped with handles and an ash pan, simplifying the cleaning process. Plus, the twist On/Off chimney feature ensures fast assembly, despite the need for some initial assembly.

Although it has garnered a 3.0-star rating from just one rating, the Haloo Alpine’s features and build quality speak for themselves. This outdoor fireplace, with its capacity for warmth, ambience, and grilling, offers a complete outdoor living experience.

In conclusion, the Haloo Alpine Outdoor Wood Burning Garden Fire Pit presents a compelling case as the best outdoor fireplace for Summer 2023. Its quality construction, thoughtful features, and multifunctionality make it an excellent investment for enhancing your outdoor living experience.

How to Choose a Chiminea in Summer 2023

Assessing the Material: Clay, Steel, or Cast Iron?

Clay ChimineaCast Iron ChimineaSteel Chiminea
Pros– Traditional, rustic appearance
– Good heat retention and distribution
– Generally less expensive than metal versions
– Extremely durable and long-lasting
– Excellent heat retention and radiates heat evenly
– Capable of burning multiple types of fuel
– Lightweight and easy to move
– Can be more modern and stylish
– Resistant to rust and weather damage
Cons– Can crack or break if not properly cared for
– Not suitable for high-heat fires
– Can be affected by extreme weather conditions
– Typically more expensive
– Can rust if not properly maintained
– Heavy and difficult to move
– Might not retain heat as long as other materials
– Can get extremely hot to touch
– Might not offer the traditional chiminea appearance
Types of chiminea pros and cons table

The choice of material is one of the most important factors when choosing a chiminea. Traditionally, chimineas are made of clay, offering a classic look and feel, while effectively radiating heat.

However, clay can be fragile and requires a certain level of care. On the other hand, steel chimineas, like the LIVIVO Seville, are generally more durable and weather-resistant. They often come with a more modern design and can withstand higher temperatures. Cast iron chimineas, such as the Blumfeldt Augustus, offer the highest durability and heat retention, but they are typically heavier and more expensive.

Consider your environment, aesthetic preferences, and maintenance capabilities when choosing the material for your chiminea.

Considering the Size and Design: What Suits Your Space?

Size and design are also crucial when selecting a chiminea. You’ll want a model that fits comfortably in your outdoor space without dominating the area.

Smaller patios or gardens might require a compact design, while larger spaces can accommodate bigger, more ornate models. Moreover, the design should complement your outdoor decor. Whether you prefer the traditional Mexican style of the La Hacienda 67034 or the antique look of the Blumfeldt Augustus, there’s a chiminea out there to suit every aesthetic.

Understanding Fuel Types: Wood, Charcoal, or Both?

The fuel type you choose will depend on what you want from your chiminea. Wood-burning chimineas offer the classic, crackling fire experience with authentic smoke and aroma, but they require a steady supply of wood logs.

Some chimineas, like the LIVIVO Seville and the Blumfeldt Augustus, also accept charcoal, which burns hotter and longer than wood, offering a more practical solution for extended use. Some chimineas are also compatible with eco-friendly fuel alternatives, so do consider your environmental impact when making a selection.

Exploring Additional Features: BBQ Grills, Safety Mesh, and More

Beyond heat output, many chimineas offer additional features that can enhance your outdoor experience. For instance, models like the Haloo Alpine come with a built-in BBQ grill, offering a cooking facility alongside heating.

Safety features like spark guard meshes, like those found in the LIVIVO Seville and Haloo Alpine, can help protect against stray sparks, while features like rain lids can protect your chiminea when not in use. Assess your needs and preferences, and choose a chiminea that offers the features that matter most to you.

Budgeting for Your Chiminea: Balancing Cost and Quality

Last but not least, it’s essential to consider your budget. Chimineas can range from affordable to quite pricey, depending on their material, design, and features.

While it might be tempting to opt for the cheapest option, remember that a good-quality chiminea is a long-term investment. It’s better to spend a little more on a model that’s durable, safe, and meets all your needs than to save a few pounds on a model that might not last as long or perform as well.

Take time to assess your financial situation and determine what you’re willing to spend on a chiminea that will bring you warmth, pleasure, and potentially delicious grilled food for many summers to come.

Take Away

As the warmth of Summer 2023 beckons us outdoors, there’s no better time to consider adding a chiminea to your outdoor space. From the traditional charm of a clay chiminea like the La Hacienda Swirl, the sturdy and modern design of the steel LIVIVO Seville, to the robust and antique-inspired cast iron Blumfeldt Augustus, each chiminea offers unique advantages.

For those seeking a comprehensive outdoor experience, the Haloo Alpine doubles as both a fire pit and a BBQ grll. In selecting the perfect chiminea, remember to consider factors like material, size, design, fuel type, additional features, and budget.

A chiminea is more than a heating source; it’s a centerpiece for outdoor living, a warm gathering spot for friends and family, and with the right choice, a delightful highlight of your summer 2023.

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